Build Dates: Match 30 & 31

Family Information:


Mother- Maria

  • Age: 20

  • Profession: Clerk

  • Weekly Salary: $65 approx.


  • Alexander, 5 yrs, Kindergarten

Property Information:

Colonia- UTT
Time with property- 8 months 
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Wood & Dirt Floor

Family Story:

Maria is a 20 year old single mother yo Alexander, who is 5 years old. Maria met her ex-husband in Oaxaca when they were in middle school; they were friends for a long time before dating. After three years together, Maria became pregnant. They decided at the time to move in together with his parents. They lived there for one year, all the while Maria had a good relationship with him and his parents. After some time though things changed and they started having problems. Her ex decided that he didn’t want to be in a relationship and said that he wasn’t ready to be a husband and father, and left his parents house. Maria stayed with her in-laws for two weeks before moving back home with her own parents, and lived there for 4 months. Life in Oaxaca was hard and Maria struggled to find a job and that is when she received an invitation from an aunt who lived in Ensenada to come here where she could find a job. Maria moved to Ensenada at the age of 17 with her son who was a year and a half. She struggled to find work here because she was still a minor. She worked in a vegetable field and began saving money. After a year and a half, she had saved 15,000 pesos ($830 approx.), and found land that she could acquire with a down payment of 20,000 pesos. She borrowed the other 5,000 pesos ($278 approx) from her uncle and was able to buy the land. Her uncles helped her to buy materials to build a structure on the land where her and her son currently live. Maria is working Monday through Saturday and Alexander is cared for by their neighbor.