Build Dates: May 25 & 26

Family Information:


Mother- Zahira

  • Age: 25

  • Profession:

  • Weekly Salary: $65 approx.


  • Rodrigo, 6 yrs, Kindergarten

  • Adrian, 2 yrs

Property Information:

Colonia- Esteban Cantu
Time with property- 1 1/2 yrs
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No
Structure- Scrap Materials

Family Story:

Zahia is originally from Colima. She grew up in an abusive family situation. Her father drank and beat her mother, causing 2 miscarriages. Eventually her mother had enough and her and the children fled to Ensenada. They came looking for a better life, and moved in with an aunt. Zahira was about 4 years old when they came to Ensenada. They had problems while living with the aunt and had to move out to a trailer that had been loaned to Zahira’s mother. When Zahira turned 18, she moved back to Colima. That is where she met the father of her eldest son. Things were going well until he began drinking and physically abusing Zahira. It got to a point where Zahira couldn’t take any more and she had to move back to Ensenada with her mom and stepdad. Shortly after, she began dating a man who lived in the US and came to Ensenada every once in a while. She got pregnant and the father said that he would help take care of them, but that he wouldn’t leave behind his life in the US. He helps from time to time, but it has been difficult for Zahira to take care of two children alone. Zahira’a mother eventually asked her to leave, but donated land to her so she had somewhere to go. She got some money and paid for the legal rights to the land, and built a small room from scrap wood and tarps. She has lived there for over a year. As a mother, Zahira wants the best for her children. It would be the best for her to know that her children are safe, that they won’t be cold, or wet in the rain. She says Homes of Hope gives them the opportunity to have something that she alone cannot give to her children.