Build Dates: June 13-15

Family Information:


Father- David

  • Age: 42

  • Profession: Sells Secondhand Items

  • Monthly Salary: $330-415 dlls.

Mother- Griselda

  • Age: 39

  • Profession: Assistant Teacher

  • Weekly Salary: $130-175 dlls.


  • Arlen, 7 yrs, 2nd Grade

  • Alejandro, 9 rs, 4th Grade

  • Jesus Armando, 15 yrs, High School

Property Information:

Colonia- Lopez Portillo
Time with property- 4 yrs
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No

Family Story:

David and Griselda are originally from Sonora, but came to Ensenada with their three children in search of better opportunities. They rented for a year before getting land on credit, which they will soon have paid off. David built a small one room shack made of wood and scarp materials for them to live in as a family. They decided to live in these conditions because it meant that they could have a land and place of their own. David works selling secondhand items, and Griselda works when she can get hire. This is one of the reasons for why they do not have a proper, safe house to live in. They have invested all their money into their children, their school, and paying off their land. Their desire as parents is that their children would be able to grow in a stable home worthy of them. David and Griselda have been married for 17 years and fight every day to give their children the best they can offer. They’ve put their faith in God and hope that through the help of Homes of Hope, will be able to find the opportunity to succeed.