Build Dates: June 3 & 4

Family Information:


Father- Marco Antonio

  • Age: 27

  • Profession: Construction

  • Weekly Salary: $288 dlls. approx.

Mother- Nancy

  • Age: 26

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Dylan, 5 yrs, Kindergarten

  • Marco Antonio, 8 yrs, 3rd Grade

  • Cristian, 12 yrs, 6th Grade

Property Information:

Colonia- Todo Santos
Time with property- 1 yr 4 months
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Trailer

Family Story:

Nancy and Marco are a young family from Ensenada. Nancy got pregnant when she was just 14 years old, Marco was 15. Marco wanted them to move in together and lot leave Nancy alone with the baby, but because they were so young, they went to live with Marco’s sister for 5 months and then they moved in with Marco’s mother. It has been very difficult for them. Marco was very young when he needed to start working, and at such a young age, he wasn’t ever able to earn much money. For that reason, they have moved around a lot over the years; never being able to establish themselves in one place and build something. Marco works in construction and odd jobs, earning around $72 dollars a week. Nancy stays home to care for their children and home. They are currently living in a trailer that they bought when they got their land. They continue to make the monthly land payments on their property.