Build Dates: JuLY 15th-17th

Family Information:


Father- Bersain

  • Age: 25

  • Profession: Field Worker

  • Monthly Salary: $265

Mother- Maria Fernanda

  • Age: 15

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Monthly Salary: N/A


  • Vianey Monserrat, 6 months

Property Information:

Colonia- El Paraiso
Time with property- 1 yr +  
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Scrap Materials & Dirt Floor

Family Story:

Bersain and Maria Fernanda have formed a small family. Despite being a minor, Fernanda is a young mother with a 6 month old baby. Bersain works in the fields from Monday-Saturday, 7 am to 3:30 pm. He has to wake up really early though and try to be one of the first on the wait list for work because he does not have a contract with any employer. He has to go and look for work each day. The salary he earns is very little and it does not cover much of their expenses; including having a newborn and making land payments monthly. They live in a small room made of scrap wood, a tarp roof, and dirt floor. That is where they cook and sleep. Bersain sleeps on the floor while Maria Fernanda sleeps in the small bed they have with the baby; there is no room for anything else. Thankfully they have the support of their family. They have been living on their land since deciding to be a family over a year ago. They live under very difficult circumstances and their desire is to be able to have a home that is safe, a home where they do not have to fear what could happen to them. One of the prayers is to have a proper home, and a bed to sleep in.