Build Dates: August 12th & 13th

Family Information:


Father- Diego

  • Age: 30

  • Profession: Security Guard

  • Monthly Salary: $375

Mother- Sinahi

  • Age: 32

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Monthly Salary: N/A


  • Diego, 7 yrs, 1st Grade

  • Kimberly, 5 yrs, Kindergarten

  • Edwin, 3 yrs

  • Luis Andres, 1 yr

Property Information:

Colonia- Zorrillo
Time with property- 5 years  
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- Yes
Structure- Scrap Materials & Dirt Floor

Family Story:

Sinahi and Diego are originally from Ensenada and met each other through Diego’s sister who was a friend of Sinahi. After dating for a short time they moved in together and 3 years later they had their first child together. During those early years they lived with Diego’s father. After their first son was born they decided to move out of their fathers home and rented a house for almost 6 years. Diego’s brother told him about a piece of land for sale and Diego went and investigated what was needed to buy it. Diego worked hard and saved until they had what was needed to make the down payment on the land, and then he got a loan to buy the supplies needed to build a house to live in on their land. Diego and Sinahi have 4 children. Sinahi is a stay at home mom, and Diego works two jobs. Even with Diego’s two jobs, they still don’t have enough resources to be able to make their house bigger and maintain it. They want a house to be able to have a better life, to not be cold anymore, and to have more space.