Build Dates: September 28-29

Family Information:


Father - Elias

  • Age: 32

  • Profession: Builder

  • Monthly Salary: $77 approx.

Mother - Monica Maria

  • Age: 28

  • Profession:

  • Monthly Salary:


  • Maria Aurora , 1 yr

  • Elias , 2 yrs

  • Karla Anai , 7 yrs

  • Oscar David , 10 yrs

Property Information:

Colonia - Todos Santos
Time with property - 2 Months
Electricity - No
Running Water - No
Structure - N/A

Family Story:

Monica came to Ensenada 8 years ago with the idea of crossing into the States for a better job. Once she got here, she was afraid to cross the border because she had her 1 year old child, Oscar, with her. She decided to stay in Ensenada and live with her aunt while she worked at a factory. Her ex-husband came to Ensenada looking for her and took her back to the city Guerrero. She had problems being there and so after awhile she decided to come back here. One back here in Ensenada, she started a relationship with a new man, who is now Carla’s father. They lived together for 2 years and after that they separated. A few years later she met Aliyas, with who she lives currently. Aliyas is the father of Aliyas (2 years) and Maria (1 year). They have been living together as a happy family for the past 5 years. He works in construction, making 70 dollars a week. That is barely enough for what they need. Monica and Aliyas are really excited to have a home because for the past 5 years they have been moving from one place to another, looking for the cheapest rent. In January, they were able to move onto their own piece of land in a small room. Because of Luis’ income, they are not able to make any expansions in their small home.