Build Dates: October 11th & 12th

Family Information:


Father- Bonifacio

  • Age: 44

  • Profession: Laborer

  • Monthly Salary: $275 approx.

Mother- Teodora

  • Age: 40

  • Profession: Cleaning

  • Monthly Salary: $275 approx.


  • Ana Marlene, 13 yrs, Jr High

  • Julio Cesar, 16 yrs, High School

  • Graciela, 23 yrs, works taking care of children

Property Information:

Colonia- El Paraiso
Time with property- 7 months
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No

Family Story:

Teodora came to Ensenada with her brother when she was 14 years old. The found work in the fields harvesting pumpkins and cucumbers. It was then that she met Bonifacio. A little over a year later, and after spending time in their home state of Oaxaca, they started their lives as a family. They moved onto a ranch where they found work and had their family members in Oaxaca make the move to Ensenada. Teodora’s family bought a large piece of land, and then convinced Teodora to buy the lot next to them. The bought the land two years ago. While paying off their land, they were not able to move and live there. Their salary didn’t cover the land payments, the cost of the children’s school, their basic expenses, and enough to build a home; so for those reasons, it took them awhile to move.