Build Dates: October 7th & 8th

Family Information:


Father- Silvano

  • Age: 34

  • Profession: Musician

  • Monthly Salary: $215 approx.

  • Hours: up to 48 hrs/week

Mother- Alejandrina

  • Age: 35

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Ricardo, 9 yrs, 3rd Grade

  • Alexandra, 7 yrs, 1st Grade

Property Information:

Colonia- Canon Buenavista
Time with property- 8 months
Electricity- No
Running Water- No

Family Story:

Alejandrina and Silvano are originally from Oaxaca, they were neighbors and got married in 2009. THey had relatives who lived in Ensenada and invited them to move here. They decided to make the change and lived with them until they were established here and had found land. Silvano is a musician and works singing at events and on the street. He also sells produce on the street to try to earn a little more money. Silvano does many odd jobs to earn money to support his music career and family. He suffers from a spinal injury and for that reason is unable to work a regular/physical job. Their children also enjoy singing when they go to events with their father. They are a good, christian family who don’t yell or mistreat one another.