Building Dates: October 24-25, 2015

Family Information:

Father- Lucio Ramos


Profesion: construction worker

Salary:$93.75/ week

Mother- Maria Estela

Age: 32

Profession: stay at home mom



Monserrat, age 8

Jose Andres, age 10

Propety Information:

Colonia- Castillo

Time with Property- 8 months

Letter from the Family: We need the support for a house because my husband's salary as a construction worker is not sufficient to pay for the rent of where we are currently living, the kids' school fees, and our expenses. I need my husband's financial support with his job because I cannot work due to my high-risk pregnancy. We don't have enough money to build our own house and they want to raise the rent for where we are living right now. I hope you will be abe to help us becaue our need is great. I hope the kids don't notice the sitaution we are in, because when we got the land, they were so happy and excited becaue we had never had our own land before. God bless and thank you!