Building Dates: October 10-17, 2015 

Family Information:

Father- Valentin 

  • Age:45
  • Profession: Gas Delivery 
  • Salary: $40

Mother- Sandra    

  • Age: 38
  • Profession: Stay at Home Mom 
  • Weekly Salary: -


  • Luis Enrique, age 14
  • Dayana Joselin, age 10

Property Information:

Colonia - Colinas de Mazatlan  

Time with property - 4 months

Letter From the Family: 

My name is Sandra and I have two kids and my significant other. We have been together for 6 years but we are not married. We moved here to Tijuana from Xalapa Veracruz looking for happiness in our lives. I want to share a bit with you so that you can understand why we came looking for happiness. When I was eight years old my parents decided to get a divorce and it made my family a very sad place to be. Then my mom started to sell all the houses on our land because we needed money. We eventually only had one left for my whole family to live in. We lived in that little house with my uncle and his family.

My uncle wasn't a very nice man and he used to abuse my mother and I. I don't really remember how the years passed by so fast but when I turned 22 I met the father of my kids. Six years later I met Valentin, and when we met we decided we wanted to look for something better, something different. We moved here and nothign changed until we found God about a year ago. We decided to give him our hearts.

We have always lived here and there with family members or renting, always on the move but a few months ago we were finally able to find land and make payments. Once we started making our land payments we realized that we didn't really have enough to pay for our land and food and schooling for our kids. We continue to ask God for his help because its been very stressful to live this way. We keep learning about his love and how to be happy and now we see that you are all coming to help. God has answered our prayers with your lives.