Build Dates: April 24-25, 2015 


Family Information:

Father- Felipe 

  • Age: 32
  • Profession: Factory worker
  • Weekly Salary: $55

Mother- Rosa Eliva         

  • Age 31
  • Profession: Factory worker 
  • Weekly Salary: $60 


  • Maria Elizabeth, age 12
  • Maria Guadalupe, age 9


Property Information:

Colonia -  Ejido Lazaro Cardenas    

Time with property - 8 years 


Letter from the Family: 

Hello Homes of Hope and those who are coming to help me and my family. 

My name is Felipe Mendoza, I'm married and I have two daughters. One is 12 years old and the other is 9 years old. I'm writing you this letter to let you know that we're very thankful that you've decided to help other families and to help our family. We don't have many resources because our pay is very low.

We have enough to buy food and the bare basics, but right now my kids are going to school and it's been hard to pay their way on top of our home payments. We're currently living in a small trailer, there's not that much space so I built something to help my wife cook outside. This is why we've asked for your help, and why we're so grateful in advance for your help.