Rodriguez Crispin.jpg

Build Dates: May 22-23, 2015 


Family Information:

Father- Angel Omar

  • Age 32
  • Profession: Furniture factory 
  • Weekly Salary: $85 

Mother- Luisa          

  • Age 34
  • Profession: Stay at home mom


  • Estrella Venessa, age 14
  • Luis Angel, age 11 
  • Ofelia, age 9 


Property Information:

Colonia -  La Misericordia     

Time with property - 3 years


Letter from the Family:

Greetings to you all! I am writing to you to ask if you can build my house. Where I live right now, is not my house, I am borrowing it. The owners of the house want the house back and I don’t have the resources to get another place. I barely have enough to pay for the land. I have three children in school, and it makes me worried to think about where we can live.

My mom is living with me right now and she is very old. I would be so grateful to you all if I could qualify to get a new home and to have my family in better conditions. I ask God to make me a home, and I ask you to build me that home. Not just for me, but for my family, and the other families awaiting the blessing from God and from you. Greetings to you all, and God bless you.