Build Dates: May 30-31, 2015

Family Information:

Mother- Angelica              

  • Age 29
  • Profession: Waitress
  • Weekly Salary: $30


  • Esmeralda, age 11
  • Lidia Joel, age 11
  • Frida, age 8


Property Information:

Colonia - Ejido Lazaro Cardenas        

Time with property - 11 years 

Letter From the Family:



My name is Angelica and we’re a family of four. My husband recently left me for another woman, so I live with my three daughters. I have twin girls that are 11 years old and one daughter who’s 8 years old. We’ve been on our land since February 2014. We've worked hard to raise the house that we’re living in now. The house is one room and we don’t fit very comfortably. My bed and my daughter’s bed are separated by some pieces of furniture.

My youngest daughter used to sleep on an inflatable matress on the floor because we didn’t have the money or space to get her a bed. But now that my husband is gone, she sleeps by my side.

My husband used to bring in most of the money, now I work on the weekends, making about $30. It’s not enough to sustain my family but I do what I can so that my girls can eat. I recently applied for a job in a restaurant. I’m praying that they hire me because I truly don’t know what else to do for my beautiful girls.