Build Dates: June 20-21, 2015

Family Information:

Father- Panfico

  • Age 77
  • Profession: Volunteers
  • Weekly Salary: $-

Mother- Maria Isabel             

  • Age 35
  • Profession: Stay at Home Mom 
  • Weekly Salary: - 


  • German, age 18
  • Jessenia, age 13
  • Ramiro, age 6
  • Lupita, (lives in the house but is Panfico's niece)

Property Information:

Colonia - Villa Bonita      

Time with property - 11 months 

Letter From the Family:

For those of Homes of Hope and the team coming to help my family, 

We've been praying for a home for a while because we weren't able to make our land payments and pay our rent at the same time. They were charging us a lot for our water and electricity bill and we couldn't cover it with our kid's costs and needs at the same time. 

Thank you  for your huge help for our family, we don't know how we could ever repay you all.

-Maria Isabel