Building Dates: September 5-6, 2015 

Family Information:

Father- Heriberto

  • Age 27
  • Profession: Maintainance
  • Weekly Salary: $95

Mother- Carmela           

  • Age 23
  • Profession: Stay at Home Mom
  • Weekly Salary: -


  • Jheily Karina, age 6

Property Information:

Colonia - Vista Marina 

Time with property - 2 years 

Letter From the Family: 

We are a family that naturally lives well, we do the most with what we have but with my salary we honestly can't afford to make a better home for ourselves. We were renting but decided that it was better to stop renting so we could put as much money possible in making a homes for ourselves. We moved to live on our own land three months ago and I've been doing my best to make a better home for my family. My wife and I want to have more kids but we decided not to until our situation improved. We truly want to have the best life for our daughter or our future kids and we saw how dificult it was for us to give Karina our best.

I already dug and put plumbing in our land and I've been working hard doing extra jobs to make a better bathroom for us. It's taken us a very long time because of my low pay at work. This is why we've come and asked for your help because we've done all that we can do for our family and we still live in pretty poor conditions. 

Thank you so much for your love and generosity, we are extremely excited to meet you all and we are counting down the days until you arrive. Blessings!