Building Dates: April 30- May 1, 2016

Family Information:

Mother- Rosario

  • Age: 23
  • Profession: Factory Worker
  • Weekly Salary: $51



  • Maria del Carmen, age 3

Property Information:  

Time with property - 1 year

Letter From the Family: 


My name is Rosario Orozco Toro. I am writing this letter to ask your for help. Where I am living now is my aunt's house. And it is hard to live with another family member, because little things become problems. 

We got here a few months ago and my aunt said instead of paying rent we should jut start paying for a piece of land. My mom and I pay together for the land payments. The days that I work, my mom helps me by watching my daughter. And the days that I have off, she works. The days that she rests,  my mom bakes bread with my aunt to get some extra money. My mom and I both work in a factory so we can get insurance. 

We had been trying to save up, when at work I heard a fellow employee mention that her neighbor just got her house built. She told us we should go and ask you for information. I got Naara's phone number and I was told she could help us and give us the information we need. It was hard for me to get into contact with you all, because I called and called but the call never went through. And then one day the call went through. 

So, that is why I am please asking you for help. It isn't possible for us to go live on the land, because we don't have anything. We started digging the septic and, if we have to, we will do whatever we can to do so. Truly, from the bottom of my heart I ask for help, because we need it.

Thank you so much.