Building Dates: April 30- May 1, 2016

Family Information:

Father- Guillermo

  • Age: 53
  • Profession: Driver
  • Weekly Salary: $90

Mother- Ernestina

  • Age: 55
  • Profession: Second Hand Markets
  • Weekly Salary: $20



  • Estefania, age 12
  • Valeria, age 7
  • Ana Paola, age 6

Property Information:  

Time with property - 7 months

Letter From the Family: 

My name is Ernestina, and I am asking God and Youth With a Mission for help for my, my husband, and 3 grandchildren. My husband suffers from a deformation in his left occipital lobe which causes him headaches and convulsions. But, thank the Lord, his treatment has helped him some, because his convulsions haven't come back for the past 3 years. He will just get his sudden headaches. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. Some times I feel fine, but other times I am too tired and cannot work very much.

Everything was going well, but 6 months ago the owner of where we live asked for us to leave the house. His sister in law is moving in so we have to go. I have looked for houses but all the rent is too high with taking care of my 3 grand kids too. The oldest is my son's daughter. She lived with him until he started getting into drugs, then he left her with us. And the two younger are from my daughter who left with her boyfriend and didn't want us to call attention to the wrong she was doing and left her girls with us.

We ask from the bottom of hearts for this help. I am 55 and my husband is 53; sometimes I think we haven't done anything in our life but we have been given this opportunity. And we believe that God can bless us and give us the house that we have dreamed about. We would be so thankful with God and you all.

Thank you so much!