Building Dates: April 15-16, 2016

Family Information:


  • Age: 40
  • Profession: Taxi driver
  • Weekly Salary: $54


  • Age: 28
  • Profession: Grocery Cashier
  • Weekly Salary: $66



  • Rene, age 10
  • Brayan, age 6
  • Joshua, age 4
  • Kimberlyn, age 2

Property Information:  

Time with property - 8 months

Letter From the Family: 


My name is Jesus Raymundo Lopez Urrea. Nine years ago Gabriela and I decided to unite our lives and make a family. A family that had brought much fruit. And now we are not just two, God has blessed up with 4 children; 10 year old Rene, 6 year old Bryan, 4 year old Joshua, and 2 year old Kimberly. 

Since we have gotten married, we have wanted to buy a piece of land. But for one thing or another, we have not been able to until just recently. And that is where we come to the support and help from groups like you, who help those in need with a house. And that is why we come to you all, with the hope of receiving said support. 

Thank  you so much, beforehand, for all your help. We will be forever grateful for having our dream as a family made into a reality. 

May God bless you all greatly.

-Jesus Lopez