Building Dates: June 11-12, 2016

Family Information:

                                                                                       Father- Eugenio 

  • Age: 27
  • Profession: construction worker
  • Weekly Salary: $94

Mother- Soledad 

  • Age: 24
  • Profession: stay at home mom 
  • Weekly Salary: n/a


  • Tania Xnelin- age 8 
  • Kenia- age 6 
  • Elihut Eugenio- age 4
  • Valentina- age 2

Property Information:  

Time with property - 8 months

Letter From the Family: 

Greetings from our family, 

We would like to ask Youth with a Mission for a home. We need a new home because we have lived for 5 years renting a house. With our 4 children it has become difficult. But we have a lot of faith that you can help us to live on our own land. 

With the money that my husband makes it does not cover all the costs we have. With my 3 children in school, public transportation, and daily living costs we would be so thankful if you could help us. 

Thank you so much. From, 

the Tapia Herrera Family