Building Dates: June 17-18, 2016

Family Information: 

                                                                                          Father- Francisco 

  • Age: 43 
  • Profession: mechanic 
  • Weekly Salary: $88

Mother- Irma 

  • Age: 48
  • Profession: second hand shop worker
  • Weekly Salary: $16 


  • Fatima- age 25
  • Alba- age 21 
  • Belen- age 11 
  • Nataly - age 4 (grand daughter, daughter of Fatima)

Property Information:  

Time with property - 2 years

Letter From the Family: 

To whom it may concern, 

I greet you all warmly, with prayers that God will fill you with many beautiful blessings. This leads me to the next thing, I would like you to know that I now have my own land. I want you to know I am paying off my land even though it has been a bit difficult.

My husband is the only one who works in our home. We do not make enough to fulfill all of our needs. Right now our biggest need is to build a home. Right now the house we live in was given to us for a time but now we need to move out. That is why we need to ask for your generosity in helping us receive a home. 

We pray that God will fill you with blessing with your lovely ministry, your lives and your lovely families. 

From, Irma Tamayo Flores