Building Dates: June 6-7, 2016

Family Information:

Father- Onesimo

  • Age: 59
  • Profession: Garbage man/Land cleaner 
  • Weekly Salary: $70

Mother- Enai 

  • Age: 29
  • Profession: Stay At Home Mom 
  • Weekly Salary: n/a


  • Luz Celeste- age 5
  • Bryan, age 3

Property Information:  

Time with property - 1 year 

Letter From the Family: 

Greetings to those who read this letter,

The reason we are asking for help with a house is that 4 years ago we got a piece of land. We came to Tijuana with just enough money for our trip here. My husband, my baby of 9 month and I came in car. When we came to Tijuana we were hoping to meet people from Veracruz, where we are from, but we didn't know anyone when we moved here. My husband started to work selling ice cream because he is older in age so people wouldn't give him work. It was a struggle for him. Now he works gathering aluminum cans to sell. Thanks to God we have never gone without food. 

It took us a long time to gather all the funds to buy our land. Now we just need a home to put on the land. We want a home for our children who are 4 and 5. 

We used to live in another house but recently the owner told us we needed to move. Now we live in a small room we made. . 

A warm greeting to all of you who read this letter, from the Ramos Medina family. 

God bless you!