Build Date: 2 & 3 Novemmber 2019


Family Information:

Father: Jose

Age: 37 Yaers.

Profession: Bricklayer

Salary Weekly: 111.11 dlls.

Mother: Angelina

Age: 36 Years.


David - Age: 10 years.

Hadasa - Age: 5 Years.

Jose - Age: 6 Months.


Letter from the family:

I want to share with you our economic situation, it has not allowed us to improve our house, we are already living on our land, the little house is made of wood with a dirt floor, we have a very old car that always breaks down. My salary is not very much and they haven’t increased it in the last two years. We have finished paying the monthly payments of the land that came out in 18,000 dollars and it has not been easy because of the high price of the dollar and we earn in pesos. We made a bad decision buy land in dollars and for that reason we could not improve our home. We are a Christian family and we believe in the wondrous works of God and that God supplies everything and has not failed us, in every moment we have seen his hand, he always arrives on time. We hope this is the time to get a house from you.

I thank you for reading this and also for that great work that you do to bless many families by giving away houses, may God shed his blessings on your lives in a great way, God bless you.