Build Date: 10 & 11 november 2019



Father: Juan

Age: 35 Years.

Profession: Coach

Salary Weekly: 77.77 dlls.

Mother: Isabel

Age: 34 years.


Melani - Age: 11 years.

Brittany - Age: 12 Years.

Diosely - Age: 14 Years.

Cesar - Age: 15 Years.

Jaqueline - Age: 17 Years. ( polycystic ovary)

TIME IN TIJUANA: 18 years.

I want to ask you in the humblest way for your support for my little house. Right now I am paying for my land and because we have a low-income we have not been able to buy material to build. We are a family of 7 and I take care of my children and for the moment I cannot help with the economy of my home but I hope to do so soon. Thank you very much for your attention and good will.