Build Dates: 22 - 23 / March / 2019

Family Information:


Mother: Delia Orozco

Age: 45 years

Profession: Caring for an older person

Weekly Salary: $ 65 dll


Grecia Soto Orozco - age: 18 years

Erica Soto Orozco - age: 16 years

Jose Manuel - age: 5 years


Hello I am Delia Orozco, single mother of 5 children, one of them has cerebral palsy, has to attend therapies and attends a special school, now we are renting but it is difficult because I do not have an official job, sometimes I take care of a person of the 3rd age and sometimes I sell things like toys, clothes and things used in the street, I asked for their support to be able to have a house for my children and not to continue renting.

Thank you for all your support, God bless you greatly.