Build Dates: 26 & 27 - April - 2019

Family Infomation:

Father: Cristo David Rubio

Age: 28 years

Profession: Carpenter Assistant

Weekly Salary: $ 83 dlls

Mother: Mariana Quezada

Age: 25 years

Profession: Housewife

Weekly Salary:


Jesus David Rubio - age: 5 years

TIME IN TIJUANA: Toda su vida


Hi my name is Mariana Quezada and my husband is Cristo, and our son is jesus. We live in a small room and when it rains the water gets in, also the wind gets in and it gets really cold, my son suffers from his bones hurting. We have to take showers on the side of the bed, theirs a lot of humidity and lots of mosquitos ive been asking God for help so you can give us the opportunity of having our home. Thank you and God bless you.