Build dates: 17 & 18 / May / 2019.

Family information:


Father: Sergio Armenta

Age: 30 years

Profession: welder

Weekly Salary: $ 130 dollars

Mother: Amelia Lopez

Age: 27 years

Profession: Housewife / vendor

Weekly Salary: 25


Isabel Armenta - age: 7 years

Sergio Armenta - age: 6 years

Edgar Armenta - age: 4 years

Camila Armenta - age: 3 years

Montserrat Armenta - age: 2 years

TIME IN TIJUANA: 15 years living in tijuana

Letter from the family:

Hi my name is Isabel, we have 5 kids that God blessed us with. We are asking for youre help because we really need a home, we decided to stop paying rent because is really expensive and our income is low to pay rent and our land and we are living in a camping house, its very small and when it rain we get so wet, the brezze gets in and we feel like we are wet and its sad cause i dont want that for my kids. Thank you for reading my card and God bless you.