Build dates: 17 & 18 / May / 2019.

Family information:


Mother: Arbedelita

Age: 37 years

Profession: Vendor

Weekly Salary: $ 55 dollars


Perla Rodriguez - age: 8 years

Luis A. Rodriguez - age: 6 years

Angel A. Rodriguez - age: 1 year

TIME IN TIJUANA: all their life

Letter from the family:

Hi my name is Arbedelita, im a single mother and i have 3 kids, i take them to sell gum, the father of my children left me and he does not help me financially. theirs time when i dont sell anything and my kids ask me for food and i dont have any, two of my kids go to school and the suplies are expensive. Were we live the water gets in, and i cant fix it because is very expensive. It breaks my heart to see them being cold, they always get sicK. Please help us.