Build dates: june 16 & 17, 2019.


Family information:

Father: Aldair

Age: 24 years

Profession: genna tatoo maker

Weekly Salary: $ 83 dollars

Mother: Elena

Age: 23 years

Profession: Housewife

Weekly Salary:


yuvia - age: 2 years


Letter from the family:

My name is Elena Mendoza De Jesus im 23 years old and we are a family of three. Two months ago we moved from Acapulco Guerrero because is very insecure now, and because of that our economy was very bad too. We been renting since we got here and heard abot the land that you don have to do a downpayment, so we dicided to try our best to buy that land. We made a little house out of wood but when it rains the water gets in, our ground is dirt and we dont have a toilet we use a bucket but it is not hygienic. I dont work anymore because of transportation and also i dont have nobody to take care of my daugther. We will really appreciate and it will be a huge blessing for our family, thank you so much .