Build dates: 21&22 June 2019


Family information:

Father: Jovany

Age: 32 years

Profession: Taxi driver

Weekly Salary: $83 dollars

Mother: Agustina

Age: 35 years

Profession: Factory

Weekly Salary: $80 dollars


Camila - age: 11 years

Jose Manuel - age: 7 years

Iker Mateo - age: 2 years


Letter from the family:

Hi we are the Cortez Hernandez family we travel from Guerrero because of insecurity and because of my husbands health, five years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and they fired them because he was very sick and it was very dificult to find a job, for that reason we decided to move to Tijuana. My brother in law helped us a lot and found us a place to rent, for me was easy to find a job, but for husband was very hard till the point where we had not even to buy water, but now he is working and we are buiying the land and its been very hard. We dont have enough money to build, so im asking you with all my heart to help us to build a safe home for my family.