Build dates: june 8 & 9, 2019.


Family information:

Mother: Mari Guadalupe

Age: 36 years

Profession: Cashier

Weekly Salary: 100 dollars


Genesis - age: 13 years

Julio - age: 14 years

Gabriel - age: 14 years


Letter from the family:

Hi my name is Maria Guadalupe i want to explain why i need youre help to build a house for my family because i got divorced 3 years ago and my finances went down i have 3 children and i had to sell my other land so i could buy another one, and i build a small room for my family and we have to live there because we are not able to pay rent. when it rains the water gets in trough the roof and trough the ground .this will be a huge help for me and my kids, thank you so much for what you do.