Build Dates: 5&6 July 2019


Family information:

Mother: Dulce Aurora de los Angeles

Age: 28 years

Profession: factory

Weekly Salary: $66 dollars


Ruth - age: 5 years

Grandfather Rosalino - age: 52 years

Grandmother Catalina - age: 54 years


Letter from the family:

My family is made up of my parents, my little daughter and me. Thank you very much for your support in the construction of our house since we are originally from the state of Tabasco and we left our place of origin due to insecurity and unemployment, and wanting to get employment opportunities for a better quality of life. I am separated since I was four years old and I take care of all my daughter's expenses. God bless you for your help. I'm asking for you help to build a house. I am a single mother and i don't have the resources to build one, we really need a home to live. Thank you so much for you help.