Build dates: 17 & 18 de agosto 2019.


Family information:

Father: Jorge Alberto

Age: 32 years

Profession: Factory

Weekly Salary: $ 105 dollars

Mother: Maria Torres

Age: 33 years

Profession: house wife

Weekly Salary:


Lesly Alvarez - age: 16 years

Damaris Alvarez - age: 13 years

Brillith - age: 4 years


Letter from the family:

Hi my name is Jorje Alberto Lopez ive been helpless because i couldnt give my family the home that they deserve, thank you so much for youre help

Hi my name is Maria Elena God bless you thank you for having this amazing heart to help others. Im feeling a little bit bad because i dont have the resources to build a home, and God knows in the conditions that we live are sad. The roof is rotten and in the rain season it leaks and we get lots of mud to. But i thank God because he listen to my prayers thank you .

Hi im Leslye and i am 16 years old, and i feel bad in the way that we live because i think that every kid have the right to live in a house that they deserve. Theirs many people that supposedly try to help my mom, but they just get the information and the papers and they jus keep the benefits for them i have two younger brothers and a disabled uncle, i feel bad because my mom is in charge uf us and the hose is in really bad conditions and because of that we get sick often. God bless you.