By participating in a Home of HOpe Build, You can make a lasting difference, not only in the life of a family but in the lives of your group.

Watch our Homes of Hope Promo to get a feel for this amazing and life changing experience! In just two days, you can not only change the life of a family, but yours will be changed too.

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  • You bring the labor and we bring everything else.

  • Come with your family, church, or business.

  • The house build normally takes two days but you can extend it to three if you prefer.

  • IT TAKES ABOUT a group of 15 PEOPLE TO BUILD A HOUSE (AGES 15 AND OLDER). However, groups can be larger than 15 and children are welcome as well.


  • It's a fantastic team-building/unifying event.

  • Live out your values with hands-on participation.

  • Become more aware of the living conditions in Mexico.