By participating in a Home of HOpe Build, You can make a lasting difference, not only in the life of a family but in the lives of your group.

Watch our Homes of Hope Promo and join us to have an amazing and life changing experience! In just two days you can not only change the life of a family, but of you and your group.

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  • You bring the labor and we bring everything else.

  • Come with your family, church, or business.

  • The house build normally takes two days but you can extend it to three if you prefer.

  • IT TAKES ABOUT a group of 15 PEOPLE TO BUILD A HOUSE (AGES 15 AND OLDER). However, groups can be larger than 15 and children are welcome as well.


  • It's a fantastic team-building/unifying event.

  • Live out your values with hands-on participation.

  • Become more aware of the living conditions in Mexico.