1. YOU GET A NEW IDENTITY: Before I went to DTS, I was confident that my identity was solid, and that I knew who I was. But during DTS lecture phase, God began this deep work in me, challenging who I thought I was and calling me forward into my true identity. As I learned more about the nature and character of God, His love for me, and His purposes- I began to come alive. I stepped into freedom as I became who I was meant to be. While I am still on this journey even today, I will never forget this beautiful season where I discovered the true beauty of being made in God’s image.

2. YOU GAIN DEEPER UNDERSTANDING: Time invested produces a return. When you take a few months, to put all other things aside and focus on the things of God, I can promise you, that investment will be worth it. DTS cultivates a lifestyle of intimacy that will carry on, even after you graduate. He did not create you to live a mundane existence, from Sunday to Sunday, but desires profound relationship with you, in each and every area of your life. I have been forever impacted by my DTS season and making that choice to walk into deeper relationship with God has brought incredible vibrancy into my life.

The unknown becomes
A D V E N T U R E.


3. YOU GO ON AN UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE: Doing a DTS brings you on incredible adventures. In stepping out and trusting God throughout the process, you become immersed in new cultures, and develop friendships with people from all over the world. You could find yourself ministering to orphans, encouraging women trapped in prostitution, working with tribal peoples in the mountains or even doing intercession in the middle of a European city- all with the purpose of impacting people with the love of God. Trust me, stepping out and partnering with God to bring His kingdom on earth is the greatest adventure you could possibly sign up for. There is something amazing about embarking on a journey, having no idea what will happen, simply knowing that God is in control. As you join with Him you will begin to see how He has His hand intricately over even the littlest of details.

4. YOU GROW IN CONFIDENCE: If you allow God the space he will move in your life during DTS. As he begins to move, He brings healing, peace and purpose. Out of that place, we become more confident. Confident to walk out our identity, confident in trusting God for finances, and confident in hearing his voice and obeying when He speaks. As we dive deeper into trusting in God we become less afraid, and more willing to step out in faith.

5. YOU ARE CHANGED: During DTS you are changed in all of the best ways. You learn to have God’s heart for people, your perspective is shifted, and your dreams are evolved. You grow to see the magnitude of who God really is and how He can make the impossible, possible. You are marked by the impact that intimacy with the Father has in your life. You are grown, challenged, shaped and molded. You are forever changed.

It is scary to step out into the unknown: to get out of your comfort zone and start a journey with a room full of strangers, trusting God for the provision to make it all happen. But it is absolutely worth it. The unknown becomes adventure, strangers become family and fear becomes faith.  


5 Reasons to Get out of Your Comfort Zone & Do a DTS