Build Dates: May 1-2, 2015

Family Information:



Father- Adolfo

  • Age 35
  • Profession: Security Guard
  • Weekly Salary: $79




Mother- Lucila

  • Age 31
  • Profession:
  • Weekly Salary:



  • Juan, age 12, 6th Grade
  • Dulce, age 10, 4th Grade
  • Luis, age 4


Property Information:

Colonia- 89
Time with property- 9 months
Electricity- Passed from Neighbor
Running Water- Yes


Family Story:

Adolfo and Lucia are indigenous from Oaxaca, their native tongue is the Mige dialect. Six years ago they came to Ensenada looking for better work opportunities. They lived in rental houses for 5 years until they decided it was time to use that money and invest in their own land. They found land for sale close to where they had already been living and they got a piece on credit. Adolfo built a small place from them using garage doors and they immediately moved to their land. They have lived there the last 9 months. The money they were using to pay rent is now used to pay off their land every month. Adolfo is a security guard whose shifts will be either day or night. Lucia doesn't work as she stays home to care for their children. Adolfo's salary is their only income and it is very little to cover all their expenses and the land payments each month. For this reason, they haven't been able to build a better home.