Build Dates: May 1-2, 2015


Family Information:

Father- Victor

  • Age 22
  • Profession: Mechanic
  • Weekly Salary: $67-80

Mother- Lucy

  • Age 22


  • Angel, age 4, kindergarten 
  • Demian, age 2
  • 6 months pregnant with Baby #3


Property Information:

Colonia- 89
Time with property- 1 year
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- Yes


Family Story:

Victor and Lucy are indigenous from Oaxaca; they speak the dialect Zapoteco. They have been married for six years and rented a house for five of those six years until they got land a built a house. They bought land on credit, and are still making payments on it. Victor built a small house that measures 4x4 meters squared which is made of pieces of wood and he wrapped the roof with a tarp.

Their house has no proper floor, but that is where they have been living a year now. Lucy doesn't work and is now pregnant; she decided to stay home to care for her children even though they could use extra income. Victor works in a mechanic shop making $67-80 a week. Victor and Lucy have to pay almost $130 a month for their land payments, and their household expenses on top of that which leaves them with nothing left to build a better home.