Build Dates: April 20-22, 2015


Family Information:

Father- Marcos

  • Age 25
  • Profession: Taxi driver
  • Daily Salary: $14

Mother- Itzel

  • Age 21


  • Ximena, age 1
  • Antonio, age 2 months


Property Information:

Colonia- Libertad
Time with property- 1 year
Electricity- No
Running Water- No


Family Story:

Itzel and Marcos have been married for 3 years. They bought a piece of land on credit because they didn't want to have to pay to rent a place anymore. Marcos built a small place for them to live there from old pieces of wood. They got 3 months behind on their land payments and the land was taken from them.

They then had to find another place to live and go back to renting. Marcos was able to find a job as a taxi driver where he gets paid $14 a day, but sometimes it is only $10 depending on how much work there was. Marcos' dad saw that his son and son's family were in great need and so he decided to legally give them land so that they didn't have to struggle to pay rent any longer.

Marcos' salary is very little and sometimes not enough to cover all of their expenses. Marcos and Itzel have 2 babies who use diapers and formula, and most of their income goes towards the care of their children. With Marcos' salary it would be very difficult to build his family a home.