Build Dates: January 14th & 15th

Family Information:

Father- Celestino

  • Age: 30
  • Profession: Field Worker
  • Daily Salary: $9 a day, approx. 

Mother- Silvia

  • Age: 23
  • Profession: Homemaker
  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Sebastian, 3 yrs

Property Information:

Colonia- Santa Cuquila
Time with property- 1 yr 3 months
Electricity- No, they can get it from a neighbor
Running Water- No
Structure- Plastic and a dirt floor

Family Story:

Celestino and Silvia are both from Oaxaca. They both moved to Ensenada searching for a job. They started renting a house but after a while the rent was too much for them to pay.  Because of this, they decided to start buying a property with a monthly payment plan. Celestino works on the field and has a really low income.  Silvia stays home with their three year old son Sebastian. They have a room made with plastic/tarps.  They’re not able to build a proper house due to their low income. Their neighbor helps them when they can and passes electricity to them and then they pay him for it.