Build Dates: September 8th & 9th 

Family Information:

Gonzalez Conde Family .jpg

Father- Leonardo

  • Age: 32 
  • Profession: General Laborer 
  • Weekly Salary: $70 

Mother- Josefina 

  • Age: 39 
  • Profession: Homemaker 
  • Weekly Salary: N/A 


  • Leonardo, 2 yrs 
  • Aided, 7 yrs, 2nd Grade  
  • Yaneth, 8 yrs, 3rd Grade 

Property Information:

Colonia- Laurel
Time with property- 3 yrs
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- Yes
Structure- Wood

Family Story:

Josefina and Leonardo are originally from the South of Mexico. They were brought to Baja California by their parents at a young age. Josefina was 15 yrs old when she became pregnant with her first child, but the father never wanted to be responsible. Years later, Josefina got together with Leonardo and they had 3 children together. Leonardo works looking for general labor and earns around $70 a week, but it is not a stable profession that he has. Josefina and Leonardo had many plans but their daughter Yaneth got very sick when she was only 4 years old with a disease known as . She had terrible stomach pains and was on treatment for the sickness. Back then the family had insurance, but upon finishing the treatment for their daughter, they lost the insurance and that caused a lot of problems. They were left with a lot of medical expenses to cover. The doctors do not know if Yaneth is cured because Josefina and Leonardo haven't had the money needed in order to do the follow-up tests. 
Josefina bought a small piece of land 4 years ago for $1,700 dollars, and that is where they have lived for the last 3 years. They live in a small house made out of scrap pieces of wood. They would like to have a safe for their three daughters that are still at home (Josefina's oldest daughter from a past relationship no longer lives at home).