Build Dates: September 6 & 7 

Family Information:

carrillo urias family .jpg

Father- Armando 

  • Age: 39 
  • Profession: Sells Food w/ Wife 
  • Weekly Salary: $88-100 approx. 

Mother- Rosa 

  • Age: 43 
  • Profession: Assists Husband 


  • Cristina, 5 yrs old, Kindergarten 
  • Manuel, 17 yrs old, High School 

Property Information:

Colonia- Los Pinos
Time with property-  1 1/2 yrs
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No
Structure- Trailer

Family Story:

Armando and Rosa met at a party Rosa's cousin invited her to. They dated for 2 years before Rosa became pregnant with Cristina. They were renting a house together before they decided to buy land on credit and a trailer to live in. That is where they are currently living and have been for more than a year and a half. In April, they paid off their land. Rosa has a son, Manuel, from her first marriage. They were together for one year before Rosa decided to leave him. Rosa's mother-in-law was very manipulative and controlling, which lead to many problems that couldn't be fixed. Manuel met his father when he was 7 years old, but hardly receives visits from him. Rosa and Armando sell food outside a high school. They sell soda, burritos, etc and work Monday-Friday. Whatever they earn from their sells is what sustains them and their needs. Sometimes they can earn $80-100 in a week, but it isn't stable income they can count on. Where they live they do not have running water, their neighbor shares it with them and they give their neighbor a little money for it. For them to be able to have a house would be a huge blessing for their family.