Build Dates: November 17th-18th

Family Information:

Hernandez Ochoa 001.jpg

Mother- Edith

  • Age: 31

  • Profession: Restaurant

  • Weekly Salary: $60


  • Ana, 13 y/o

  • Meredid, 9 y/o

  • Christian, 5 y/o

Property Information:

Colonia- Salitral
Time with property-  6 Months +

Family Story:

Edith and her family are from Ensenada. When Edith was 16 she moves in with her boyfriend, a boy that had been battling with drugs.  In less than a year they had their first child. Over the years Edith would always deal with her husband and his drug problems. They had 2 more children and she would try to hide all her husband was dealing with from them but her older daughter started seeing these things. So one day, after 13 years of enduring this she decides to take her children and leave him. Edith goes to live with her mom and her dad buys a piece of property for her. Later an aunt lent her a trailer house so that she can start living there. Now Edith is wanting a house for her children to grow up in but she has no way to do that because of her low income.