Build Dates: November 21th-22th

Family Information:

Lopez Solano 001.jpg

Mother- Aurelia

  • Age: 36

  • Profession: Field worker

  • Weekly Salary: $45

    Padre- Eugenio

  • Age: 34

  • Profession: Field worker

  • Weekly Salary: $45


  • Daniela, 4 y/o

  • Angelica, 9 y/o

  • Maritza, 13 y/o

  • Olga, 15 y/o

Property Information:

Colonia- Santa Cuquila
Time with property- 2 yr +

Family Story:

The Lopez Solano family comes from Oaxaca and like a lot of families from the south they came to Ensenada searching for a better life since where they came from there’s not much opportunity for jobs. In 2005 Eugenio and Aurelia went to work in the fields in California leaving their 2 children behind with their grandparents. During this time they had their third child so they decided to go back to Ensenada to reunite their family and and find a job there. They eventually buy a property and start building a room for the family to live in but because of their low income they cant build anything better than a small shack and that’s why they desire a house.