Build Dates:February 10 & 11

Family Information:

Father- Gonzalo

  • Age: 32

  • Profession: Field Worker

  • Weekly Salary: $64 approx.

Mother- Oralia

  • Age: 32

  • Profession: Homemaker


  • Kevin, 8 yrs, Elementary School

  • Kimberly, 12 yrs, Jr High

Property Information:

Colonia- Maneadero Parte Alta
Time with property- 9 months
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Trailer

Family Story:

Gonzalo and Oralia are originally from the State of Durango; They lived a comfortable life together in the state of Sonora, everything was good with them and their family. But suddenly something unexpected happened that changed the course of the family. Some people mistakenly kidnapped Gonzalo's sister; apparently they had actually wanted to take Gonzalo and Oralia’s daughter Kimberly. When they knew about this, without thinking, they took the family and left everything behind to find a safer place to live.  Since coming to Ensenada, things have been very difficult economically; they basically had to start from scratch. They started renting a place, but it was very difficult for them to pay the monthly rent, so they decided to buy a piece of land to have something better to offer to their children. Gonzalo works hard to pay the bills, but they cannot find the stability they need. They heard about Homes of Hope through a Christian Church who told them that they could receive help through that program. They decided to ask for help with the hopes of being able to provide something better for their children and future.