Build Dates: March 6 & 7

Family Information:


Father- Francisco

  • Age: 20

  • Profession: Field Worker

  • Weekly Salary: $38 approx.

Mother- Carmen

  • Age: 35

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Bianca, 13 yrs, 7th Grade

  • Jesus, 2 yrs

Property Information:

Colonia- Las Brisas
Time with property- 10 months  
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Scrap Wood & Dirt Floor

Family Story:

Carmen was born in Oaxaca Mexico, when she was 8 years old her parents decided to move to Ensenada because they weren't making enough money to maintain their family (8 kids) in Oaxaca. Because they were such a large family, only the youngest three were able to attend school. Carmen and the other four eldest siblings had to drop out of school at a certain age and start working. Atone of Carmen´s workplaces, she met Bianca´s father. They moved in together and had the baby, but started to having marital issues and he eventually left, leaving Carmen and Bianca. Carmen and Bianca moved back home with Carmen’s parents after the break-up. Carmen continued working to be able to provide for herself and her daughter. After being single mom for more than 6 years, she met Francisco at the ranch where she was working at. They started dating and decided to move in together and start a family, and that’s when Jesus was born. They moved to a piece of land that they bought on credit and built a shed from some scrap wood where they are currently living. They are asking for a house because they don’t have any way of building anything better for their family.