Build Dates: March 8 & 9

Family Information:


Father- Abraham

  • Age: 23

  • Profession: Gardener

  • Weekly Salary: $55

Mother- Maray

  • Age: 24

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Yleisa, 7 months (2 month is pic.)

Property Information:

Colonia- Gomez Morin
Time with property- 1 1/2 yrs
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No
Structure- Trailer

Family Story:

Maray´s family moved to Ensenada B.C. because her extended family was involved in the growing of marijuana and they didn’t want to have any problems by being associated with that. Abraham and Maray met in church when they were just kids. After Abraham graduated from high school he started working in a factory. Abraham and Maray got engaged and then Abraham wanted to start his own gardening business. So they took a management course on how to run a business and manage their money; as a result they have been able to buy a car. Their business is still so new that they aren’t making enough income to even rent a room anywhere. Currently, they are living in an old trailer that belongs to Maray’s father. They have a young business, they have a car, but they haven’t been able to save enough for a house; and for that reason, they are asking for help to provide their young daughter with a home to grow up in.