Build Dates: March 8 & 9

Family Information:


Father- Fabian

  • Age: 30

  • Profession: Mason/Builder

  • Weekly Salary: $66 (varies)

Mother- Ofelia

  • Age: 32

  • Profession: Retired

  • Salary: Approx. $33 a month


  • Maria, 13 years

Property Information:

Colonia- Marquez de Leon
Electricity- No
Running Water- Yes
Structure- Wood

Family Story:

Ofelia and Fabian met when they were working at the same factory, after they started dating, they decided to move in together. Ofelia has a 13 year old daughter named María, who is from her first marriage. They separated because María’s dad left to Coahuila Mexico, leaving Ofelia when she was pregnant with Maria, and then never coming back. Because of that, María does not know her biological father. Currently, María sees Fabian as her father; he loves her a lot and treats her as his own. Ofelia and Fabian bought land next to Ofelia´s brother´s house, and built a small wooden house, but it wasn’t done well and leaks a lot. they have already paid the land but when it rains it drips a lot. They have been able to pay off their land and do not owe anything. Ofelia suffers from arthritis and a knee problem, that is why she does not work anymore and receives a small disability income. Fabian works as a self-employed mason and has a salary of $1200 pesos when he has jobs.