Build Dates: May 4 & 5

Family Information:


Mother- Edelmira

  • Age: 58

  • Profession: Cook

  • Weekly Salary: $50


  • Martaliza, 14 yrs

  • Edelmira’s 99 yr old father lives with her

Property Information:

Colonia- Valle del Sol
Time with property- 7 months
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Wood Scraps & Tarps

Family Story:

Edelmira is from Guanajuato and has a daughter named Martha Alicia who is 14 years old. Edelmira’s father also lives with them. Edelmira is a single mom who came to Ensenada 6 years ago looking for a better job and opportunities. She lives next to her brother who helps her with their father and her daughter when he can. Together they started a restaurant and rent a small place for their business. She is still paying for the property she is living on. The property cost her around $4,500 dlls. She has paid $2,000 dlls so far and makes monthly payments of $100 dlls. She lives in a small house made with wood scraps and tarps. The property has no electricity or running water. Edelmira has made a small room for her father next to her house. Her father will soon be 100 years old. He is in need of some assistance and attention, but still has a great mind and enjoys telling stories about the different thing he has experienced and seen over the many years he has been alive.