Build Dates: May 4 & 5

Family Information:


Father- Saul

  • Age: 27

  • Profession: Driver

  • Monthly Salary: $294 approx.

Mother- Lorena

  • Age: 23

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Christian, 3 yrs

  • Yathziri, 4 yrs, Kindergarten

Property Information:

Colonia- Valle del Sol
Time with property- 5 months
Electricity- Shared
Running Water- No
Structure- Scrap Materials & Dirt Floor

Family Story:

Lorena and Saul met in Ensenada almost five years ago. They have 2 beautiful children; Yathzin who is 4 years old and in the 2nd grade, and Christian who is 3 years old. Saul met Lorena when she was a single mom. Lorena was in a relationship, but when she became pregnant the man didn’t want to support her or their baby. So, she left him. Once Saul and Lorena started their relationship, Saul took on the role of father and supporter for Lorena her baby. A year later, they had their first child together. They rented for a time, but they heard of an opportunity to buy a property outside the city and decided to go for it. The total cost of the property was around $4,200 dlls. They have already paid $1,200 dlls. They make a monthly payment of $75 dlls. A neighbor helped them to build a small house with wood scraps and tarps. Their property doesn’t have running water or electricity.