Build Dates: May 8 & 9

Family Information:


Mother- Rosa

  • Age: 31

  • Profession: Nanny

  • Weekly Salary: $55 approx.


  • Eduardo, 16 yrs, High School

  • Karla, 15 yrs, High School

  • Quetzaly, 7 months (Born Oct. 5, 2018)

Property Information:

Colonia- Rancho 4 Milpas
Time with property- 12 years  
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No
Structure- Wood

Family Story:

Rosa is born and raised in Ensenada. She met her first husband at the age of 15 and had her son Eduardo when was was 16 years old, and at 17, she had her daughter Karla. For five years Rosa struggled with her husband who was using drugs. Rosa tried to help him, but he didn’t ever do his part to quit the drugs, and they only had constant problems. Rosa decided to leave him because she couldn’t continue down that path of caring for her children and husband; she needed to do what was best for her children. After Rosa decided to end things, her husband insisted she not leave him and would bother her and her children; he’d get so aggressive towards them, and she’d have to go to the police for help. After time, he eventually let them be. Rosa now has a boyfriend who lives close by, and her oldest children have accepted him. Rosa’s father bought her a piece of land many years ago when she was still married. Her first husband helped her build a house on that land and that is where they still live. Rosa used to work at the school where her children attended; the director of the school had given her children a scholarship to attend. After working for the school, Rosa decided to leave and work cleaning houses. Rosa had been working for herself cleaning houses for 6 months before she got pregnant with Quetzaly and was unable to continue doing that. Currently Rosa works as a nanny and is the sole provider for her house and children. Rosa wants to have a better house and provide something of better quality for her children to live in.